Teams Human is a newsletter about being on the side of the humans in the pandemic and matters of public health. And not on the side of infectious diseases. This should’ve always been an obvious choice, but unfortunately it’s not apparently obvious for everyone.

Concerns about the pandemic? What do you wish the experts would do?

Tell us with this form what you wish scientists, doctors, healthcare workers, and public health professionals would do to help you, and the general public, in the context of the pandemic. I can’t make any promises but I’ll try my best to highlight your concerns and get them in front of related doctors and scientists who might be interested and possibly publish it in this newsletter. (You may remain anonymous.)


I don’t have any conflicts to disclose. I’m on the side of the humans and public health.

As of December 2023, I currently have 6 paid substack subscribers and have had less than a dozen individual subscribers altogether since starting a substack in April 2022. I dp this newsletter, my pandemic memes collection, plus a substack which focuses on political pressure and media.

I have not been paid to advertise anything or for product placement on my substacks or any of my other publications, or accounts on any other platforms or social media. I’m not using any affiliate links.

I’m lucky to be relatively financially stable, at least for the moment, despite the pandemic, and the grotesquely mismanaged response to it, having ruined my ability to work in my previous professions. I do what I do because I think it’s important. The generosity and support of paid subscribers has covered mainly expenses, and I’m grateful and delighted for any support at all to help out with those things. And I would ask that people only subscribe if you have the capacity to comfortably do so.

I’m not a trained journalist nor a reporter. I am not looking to be in the influencer business. I never ever wanted to work in sales. It’s not for me. I worked in advertising as an artist prior to the Great Recession and I am retired civil service. I have spent years reading about PR and learning about conspiracies and disinformation campaigns. There’s so much propaganda on the side of wrong, and I just want to add to the side of the good.

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Teams Human is a newsletter about being on the side of the humans in the pandemic and matters of public health.


Chloe Humbert. Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. I want better for us.