Letter Campaigns

These are active letter campaigns, including those I’ve started.

Note: sending a message directly yourself is the most effective way to write your representatives. Your own letters don’t need to be more than a couple of sentences. See my Writing Reps Letter Guide for tips. But if you don’t have much time, form letters are a great option and they do get considered & tallied at your rep’s office. So go ahead and write your reps whatever it takes.

last updated 16 May 2023

USA Letter Campaign to Senators: Prioritize Telework for Our Future

By Chloe Humbert: Join me in writing to U.S. Senators to oppose the pathetic, irrational, and big money fossil fuel industry serving nonsense bill S. 1565 called "The SHOW UP Act" which would attempt to roll backwards in time to prohibit telework for government employees and try to pretend there aren’t a dozen reasons telework is a great idea, including making jobs accessible to high risk disabled Americans in an ongoing pandemic threat environment.


USA Letter Campaign: to the U.S. Senate, Medicare should track Healthcare Acquired Covid and require masks to prevent it

By People’s CDC: Please join us in sending a clear message to your Senator that you demand them to call on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to require protections and universal masking in healthcare settings, continued reporting of healthcare acquired COVID infections, and to count COVID as one of several other conditions in reducing payments to hospital for healthcare services.


USA Letter Campaign: Maintain or Enact Universal Masking at Healthcare Systems

By People’s CDC: Please join us in sending a clear message to your local healthcare system leadership that you demand for protections and universal masking.


Saskatchewan CANADA Letter Campaign: Restore COVID-19 Mask Requirements in Medical Settings

By Take Action Against Covid: Without mask requirements, SHA homes and facilities are a hazard to immunocompromised and high risk staff, patients, and visitors. This is an issue of equity and supporting the rights of vulnerable and disabled people.


USA Letter Campaign: Wastewater data is valuable infrastructure that must be funded.

By Chloe Humbert: Wastewater data is valuable infrastructure technology. Wastewater monitoring must continue and be expanded for our modern society's scientific public health management. Wastewater monitoring data is important scientific data for a number of applications, including public health monitoring for viruses like SARSCOV2. This needs to be funded and encouraged at all levels of government. Please promote wastewater monitoring.


USA Letter Campaign: Give us the boosts!

By Chloe Humbert: Americans need access to vaccine boosters more than once a year. Vaccine policy should be based on science and protecting human lives, not the economy or a political football or corporate nonsense. Scientific evidence indicates the vaccine should ideally be allowed, available, and fully covered by public funds or insurance, twice a year.


USA Letter Campaign: Tell Congress: Defend Medicaid and CHIP!

By Coalition On Human Needs: Eliminating the health insurance of millions of people with low incomes is unconscionable. Access to health care is an inalienable right. We cannot allow one political party with the slimmest of majorities -- that’s controlled by an extreme faction -- to cruelly deny health coverage to millions of people.


USA Letter Campaign: U.S. govt should release the data on hospital-acquired SARS-CoV-2 cases

by Chloe Humbert, Teams Human: Write President Biden to demand this crucial information about hospitals that is "being kept private" right now.



USA & CANADA Letter Campaign: Essential Services Need Mask Requirements

by Chloe Humbert, Teams Human: A form for national & state reps, and a letter template anyone can use to send to government representatives, healthcare providers, transit authorities, store managers, and community leaders.



USA Letter Campaign: Tell President Biden, The Pandemic is not over.

by Chloe Humbert, Teams Human: Dear President Joe Biden, The pandemic is not over.


USA Call campaign: Ask your U.S. Senator to cosponsor The Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act

By National Nurses United: This bill would set specific safety limits on the number of patients each registered nurse can care for in hospitals throughout the United States. Staffing ratios have been proven to improve patient care and nurse retention.


USA Letter Campaign: Tell Congress to Support Paid Leave For All

By Paid Leave for All, a project of the Hopewell Fund: Paid leave saves jobs, saves lives, and is critical to our long-term health and stability.


USA Letter Campaign to State Governors: Keep Masks In Healthcare

By People’s CDC: Policy to remove masks in healthcare is dangerous, unethical and based on flawed data. Health care is the most essential place to prevent spread of infection, and keeping health care safe should be a bare minimum of accessibility in every state.


USA Letter Campaign: We Need A Paid Sick Leave Guarantee

by Chloe Humbert, Teams Human: It’s essential to the functioning of our civilization to have a paid sick leave guarantee.


USA Letter Campaign: We need free rapid home covid tests for all

By People’s CDC: At a minimum, 8 tests per month per person should continue to be covered by all health insurance including private plans, Medicare and Medicaid – and available via the US Postal Service. Without free tests, many people simply won’t test, and will go to work or school sick – and won’t seek treatment that could keep them from getting sicker. Covid isn’t over, so we need at-home TESTS.


USA Letter Campaign: Free PCR tests and CDC Data Collection

By People’s CDC: Join us in writing Congress, the CDC and the ICATT and ask them to make Free PCR tests available for all through ICATT. They can do this by maintaining and expanding the pharmacy and stand-alone testing sites through Color Health, eTruthNorth, Quest and others at libraries, retail locations and independent pharmacies, and to expand this program to require community health centers to test residents for free.


USA Letter campaign: Urge the White House and Congress to Provide Free N95 Masks!

By Mandate Masks US: The White House restarted its free rapid test distribution program, but this alone is not enough. The White House needs to also launch a program to mail free N95 masks to the public. Right now, in many cities and states across the country there is no distribution of free N95 masks to the general public. The federal N95 mask distribution program at pharmacies ended awhile ago.


USA: Letter Campaign: Tell Congress: Railroad workers deserve fair pay and time off

By More Perfect Union: Workers currently get no sick leave and are on-call 7 days per week, year round.


USA letter campaign: Demand Protections and Expanded Care for Our People!

By Long Covid Justice: Join us in demanding your governor ensure your state reevaluates its enrollees' eligibility in as fair and as equitable a way as possible and that your state takes every step possible to sustain and expand health coverage. Email your Governor Today!


Massachusetts USA Letter Campaign: Save Free PCR Testing for Uninsured and ALL Massachusetts Residents

by Massachusetts Coalition for Health Equity: Governor Maura Healey announcement that they will close the state’s “Stop the Spread” COVID PCR testing program on March 31, 2023 will remove access to testing for undocumented, uninsured residents of the state. Stop the Spread Sites are an essential service for uninsured MA residents, and others needing free, fast accessible PCR tests. This rolling back of healthcare access is a dangerous precedent for Massachusetts, which has one of the best public health infrastructures in the country.


Washington State USA Letter Campaign: Governor Inslee & WA Dept of Health: Keep Masks in Healthcare, Long-term Care, and Prisons!

\by Seattle Still Cares: This is an attack on everyone who seeks medical care, resides in long-term care, and is incarcerated– and the hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians who work in these settings. Ending this mask mandate is unacceptable and will create more spread, more death, and more disablement making it even harder for Washingtonians to safely access health care, for people in long term facilities to be safe, and for incarcerated people to be safer from Covid.


New York State USA Letter Campaign: Reinstate the Mask Mandate for Healthcare Settings in NY!

By Mandate Masks NY: Contact the Governor, Commissioner, and State Assemblymember and Senator to say that we need New York State to reinstate the mask mandate for healthcare settings!


USA Letter Campaign: Tell elected reps: Maintain healthcare coverage , we need robust public health infrastructure.

by People’s CDC: President Biden and Members of Congress, Three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, we need you to treat the pandemic like the ongoing public health emergency it is. We need you to embrace a comprehensive approach to public health based on layers of protection and public policies aimed at protecting the most vulnerable people among us.


USA Letter Campaign: Email President Biden and Congress: End Colliding Pandemic Nightmares

By ME Action: Join us to demand Congress fund critical global and domestic health measures to keep our communities safe. We are in the crosshairs of colliding global and domestic pandemics: HIV, Long COVID and ME/CFS, COVID-19, Ebola, cholera, monkeypox, TB, and more.


USA Letter Campaign: Tell Biden and Congress: Mass infection must not be normalized.

By the People’s CDC


USA Letter Campaign: Email President Biden: We are Still Sick. Still Fighting.

By #MEAction: We are emailing President Biden to ask him to declare ME/CFS and Long COVID a national emergency. Join us.


USA Letter Campaign: The CDC is supposed to CONTROL & PREVENT disease

by Chloe Humbert, Teams Human: Send a message to President Joe Biden to register your non-consent to preventable disease & CDC's reckless abandonment of public health.


USA Letter Campaign: We need responsible, clear CDC guidelines and resources

by The People’s CDC: Join us in calling and writing to the White House and our Congress people to denounce the new guidelines, and demand they use all the tools available to keep us all safe.


NYC NY USA Letter Campaign: Contact your New York City Council Member and ask them to mandate masks!

by Mandate Masks NY