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Moral Sabotage & Community Care Disengaged

📝 Petition to halt NIH from engaging in junk studies for Long Covid 😷 Tell the White House: Provide Free N95 Masks! Require in healthcare! 💉 Vaccine disinfo AND misinfo are both bad

The Economy demands full participation, herd debt paid on an altar of lies

⛄️ Christmas caroling in protest to bring back masks 😷 Letter Campaign to Urge the White House to Provide Free N95s 🚂 Petition Extend paid sick leave to railway workers 🤒

🐦 Disinformation and abnormal influence is big money on social media 💵

Forcing Normal in the Roaring 2020s

🇨🇦 CANADA Campaign, File a Freedom of Information Request ❤️ National Nurses United virtual event: Quad-demic 🎙️ NY Call Governor Hochul to reinstate masks 😷

📝 Letter campaign to end colliding pandemic nightmares ✊ Letter campaign for railroad workers who deserve sick leave 🩺 National Nurses United speaks truth on viral outbreaks 🦠

📝 Petition: We need a drug store mask requirement 😷 NNU OSHA Permanent Standard Action Guide 📣 Letter Campaign: Don’t End the COVID-19 National Emergency!

🛞 The risky shift - you’re not imagining it 🛒

🪧 Action, World AIDS Day Dec 1st in DC with remote option🎙️ Public comment on flawed data at NYC Council meeting 📝 Letter Campaign: Tell Congress: Protect Medicaid in end-of-year legislation

😷 Petition: #BringBackMasks in Ontario Canada 😷 Campaigns for free N95 distribution in NYC and Canada, and hopefully more places soon 😷

🎙️ Public Hearing: Oversight - COVID-19 in NYC 🏥 Petition: Require masking in all healthcare settings 😷 Tomorrow: ELECTION DAY IN THE U.S.A. √

⏰ Lowering life expectancy & raising the retirement age makes zero sense 👎 relationships during the covid era, a twitter spaces event 🐦 Enfrentando los Retos del COVID-19 (webinar en español)

📝 Petition: Require masking in all healthcare settings 😷 Is it Quiet Quitting or is it Long Covid? 🦠 Worker safety regs should be independent of the virus PR agency CDC 🧑‍🏭

Mere Exposure Effect, leads to Exposure

ℹ️ EPA solicits recommendations for Indoor Air Quality in bldgs 🎲 Normalcy doesn't benefit everyone ☝️

Repeat the truth, don't lead with a lie

√Upcoming U.S. Absentee Ballot Deadlines🧑‍🏫School Advocacy letter📚Workplace Advocacy Resources🧑‍🏭Paid Leave was always necessary, but especially now🤒

🇦🇺Australian petition calls for National Cabinet health advice & minutes🇺🇸PCDC letter campaign to Biden & Congress🩺National Nurses United petition for worker protections😷

💰 The Pfizer earnings call: profits driven by surges 🦠

🙌#MEAction & LC rally at the White House with Email campaign📧Petition: To NPR & Rob Stein: Please retract dangerous pandemic misinformation📝

📰 News outlets should not publish pandemic misinformation 🔍

🎥 Covid protocols in the entertainment industry 🎤

🙌#MillionsMissing protest📚Petition to Chicago Mayor & CPS: Keep School Masks🖊️Write Congress for Covid Funding💰New Yorkers to testify @ NYC MTA meeting🚃The Great Barrington Doxxing📱

We Need A Paid Sick Leave Guarantee

📣 Pandemic Campaigns Directory 📝 (updated)

🚃Petition & campaign NY Governor to reinstate the transit mask mandate😷Updated: URGENCY OF EQUITY TOOLKIT📣Webinar: HIV Community in the Time of COVID, Long COVID and Monkeypox🎙️

💉 Botching even the vaccination-only strategy ⚠️

🚽 Wastewater Alert: Scranton Pennsylvania 🎲🎲

📧Tell Sen. Gillibrand we're not in the good place!📝Petition, Sweden, Infection-proof the schools!📚WEBINAR: The U.S. HIV Community in the Time of COVID, Long COVID & Monkeypox🖥️

📧PCDC campaign for better guidelines and resources🚗What are your DMV options?📚Covid Safe Campus Advocacy Letter for Students😷New York City Guide to Places with Mask Requirements❤️

🏥 U.S. govt should release the data on hospital-acquired SARS-CoV-2 cases 📊

😷Mask Advocates are Connecting, get involved📝Letter to POTUS: CDC should do its job☝️Infrapolitics is also activism🌅

🧪 We need tests - "Bro have you heard of this thing called the Defense Production Act?" ✍️

🕳️ APHA: portal to a public health bizarro world hellscape 🔥

😷2 groups lobby for a mask mandate in Bay Area💻Petition: Make WFM a continued option for AT&T workers📝Letter campaign: CDC is supposed to CONTROL & PREVENT disease⚕️

⚕️The CDC is supposed to CONTROL & PREVENT disease📝

⚖️ Jury Duty in the pandemic 🧑‍⚖️

✊People want a better public health response😷Letter campaign to NYC council members for masks📝Join the movement for a covid safe campus📚

🥾COVID March to Remember🕯️Open Letter to Disability Organizations🙌Supporting Public Health Departments, a teach in webinar📣Tell us about the pandemic groups you love!

🙌More local mask requirements are being reported in the latest surge😷bizarro APHA exec cheers for community health defunding🤦‍♀️Use this Letter template: Essential Services Need Mask Requirements📝

💉Vaccination for under 5s at last — the experience of a Mother🤱 Essential Services Still Need Mask Requirements😷A Long Covid Dashboard🖥️

😷Campaigns in San Fran & NYC to require masks💊Covid+ picking up pills maskless at the drug store is bad policy🤦‍♀️Elite vacations are not equivalent to psychiatric treatment🤨

🌋Alarm is appropriate, the volcano is erupting🔥

🏞️Outdoor recreation still requires caution📱A call for the Governor of New York to reinstate the indoor mask mandate😷Letter Campaign: Essential Services Need Mask Requirements😷

🟢🟡🔴Maybe skip Pandemic Buttons🛑

😷Essential Services Need Mask Requirements😷

📝 Workshop to write Public Comments to the U.S. Office of Civil Rights on Section 504🇨🇦Canadian mask petitions😷The Bizarro World of American Public Health🤦‍♀️Stop making youths deny reality😵‍💫

🙌Virtual Workshop Zoom: Section 504 public comment writing🤝People’s CDC zoom event invites you to get involved🚃Petition to Amtrak for masking designated cars😷

📢Public erupts with comments when San Fran health director calls masks authoritarian🙄😷Groups object to Medicare push to suppress reporting of preventable medical harms🏥📝

🏥CMS is playing. with. fire.🔥 Public comment deadline is 11:59pm US EDT on June 17th 2022

🙉🙊"We’ve created a national ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ Covid policy"⚖️"Disability Justice: the topic of next Marked By Covid Community Meeting🙌Alameda County reinstates indoor mask mandate😷

😷Naming the anti-Asian racism of covid policy🙌⚕️Patients beware: covid+ docs on the job🩺🤢We've been transported to a gaslit fantasy green zone🟩🟥

📝Open Letter calls for pandemic funds to be spent on covid not cops📢Covid Safe Campus Town Hall📚Petition for Indoor Mask Req recommendation launched by coalition of groups😷

🎓😷Covid Safe Campus releases Graduation Toolkit📝Open letter to the Chicago Party Scene🥳SDA calling on San Fran DPH to reinstate masks on transit😷

🚨🦠Police are not a pandemic solution

😔🕯️Marked By Covid plans ad hoc virtual vigil🌐💉Second Global COVID-⁠19 Summit💉🐦Vaccines For Under 5s Twitter Spaces Panel🐦

🧑‍⚖️📺 #OSHAhearing continues 😷 More mask petitions 📝 and yes, Long Covid is "still a thing"

🌍💉⚖️ Upcoming Action at Moderna HQ ⚕️🏥 OSHA hearing on rule to protect healthcare workers 😷 #Mask4Equity town hall tonight 🎙️😷

📢 2 groups call for emergency stay of the TSA mask mandate Court Order 😷 releases report cards on higher ed covid policies 📚

😷 The push to Keep TSA mask mandate ☎️📝 Is the CDC going to use pre-existing conditions as a cudgel? 🔥😷 Philly reinstates mask mandate & gets sued

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